84th Reading Needs You!

Your local Scout group relies on volunteers giving up their time to help children and young adults develop life long skills.

However, due to the combination of limited volunteers but high demand for spaces in each of our sections we are at risk of having to reduce the number of activities or places that we are able to offer.

We therefore need your help! We have a range of vacancies that we need to fill to ensure we can continue to offer great scouting opportunities to young people in our local area. Some of these roles are purely administrative and others could be shared if you are concerned about the time commitment.

The roles are:

  1. Group Scout Leader (GSL)
  2. Long Term Sea Scout Leader, and Assistant Leader
  3. Assistant Cub Leader x 2
  4. DBS Administration Support
  5. IT Coordinator
  6. Family Camp Planner
  7. Exec Members (from each Section)
  8. Secretary
  9. Property maintenance
  10. Sailing instructor

For more information please email news@84threadingscouts.org.uk

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