About Us

Everywhere we go…………… people always ask us… who we are… where we come from…
So, we tell them!

We’re from Earley, 84th Reading, Earley and we love Scouting!

The 84th Reading (1st Earley St. Peter’s) Scout group is a multi – level group that includes Beavers (6-8), Cubs (8-10½), Scouts (10½-14) and Sea Scouts (10½-14). Young people also have the option to move onto an Explorer or Network Scout group in the local area.
We are made up of over 100 young people who come from all backgrounds, faiths and interests. We also have a dedicated team of adult leaders and volunteers who help to run our weekly sessions, as well as helping with all the other useful jobs that keep us going. No prior experience needed, just a willingness to join in and try something new.

We pride ourselves on offering young people a varied and exciting programme of activities that reflects the Scouts “Skills for Life” strategy. This includes traditional activities such as camping and hikes, as well as newer additions such as programming and safe Internet usage. Young people have the chance to earn badges as they go along to show all the skills they have learned, as well as working towards the top award of The Chief Scouts Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
If you would like to know more about us, please look through our website and if you have any questions please get in touch.

GDPR Policy

What you need to know…
We take the security and safe usage of your information very seriously. We only gather what is directly needed, we store everything securely and we do not share information unless necessary (for example in a medical emergency). We never sell information or use it to promote for profit. We do not hold on to details for any longer than 18 months after someone has left our group.

A full copy of our date retention policy can be found HERE.
A full copy of our Privacy policy can be found HERE.

Roles within the group

The Board of Trustees
This is the group of adults who make sure the group runs smoothly, but who do not run sessions for young people.  Including making sure building are suitable for purpose, arranging finances and fundraising and deciding on future plans for the group. Smaller sub-committees often take charge of specific events or activities such as our big family camp in the Summer.

Group Scout Leader (GSL)
This is a manager level role and is mainly responsible for ensuring that the group meets the needs of the young people and adheres to the core principles of Scouting.  This might include making sure that sessions offer a wide, interesting and useful range of activities, that all leaders have the training and means to offer these sessions and that everyone is safe.

This person oversees the Board of Trustees. They lead the once a term meeting and are responsible for ensuring (with the help of the GSL) that all the plans decided at the meeting come together.

This person works as part of the Board of Trustees.  During meetings they record the minutes (notes of what has been discussed) and share these with everyone else working as part of the group.  They help to record and share information between different parts of the group.

This person works as part of the Board of Trustees.  They maintain and organise the finances of the group.  This includes tracking our budget, helping to make outgoing payments and supporting us in fund-raising activities by paying in funds and communicating with the rest of the group.

Trustee Board Member
This is a person who works with the Executive Committee.  They will often take on a non-specific role or work on a sub-committee to help the running of the groups.  Example tasks include arranging shopping for events, maintaining some of our sites, looking after our mini-bus or helping with our online media.  These roles can be large or small, individual or part of a team, everyone is welcome.

These are the people who run and organise the weekly meetings for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Sea Scouts.  There is usually one main leader per section, with multiple other helpers alongside.

The quartermaster is responsible for all the equipment held by Scouts, including tents, cooking equipment and lights.  Maintaining it and distributing it to leaders as needed.

Group Occasional Helper (GOH)
This is anyone else who has links to the group who helps us.  Mainly those parents/ carers who come to help run weekly sessions or join in our fund-raising activities.  But this can include anyone who helps the group, no matter how big or small the job.  Everyone is welcome to become a GOH even if they can only help once a year.