Site Design

This page is not publicly accessible.

This new web page is currently publicly available but not discoverable via search engines. The old website is still active. When this site is finalised the old site will redirect to this new URL.

Site content check list…

  • Decide if need to split Scouts and Sea Scouts pages
  • Write page content… About, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Sea Scouts, Join, Volunteer, Contact
  • Decide if need contact forms on… join page, volunteer page, contact page
  • Finalise home page content
    • Decide which Bear Grylls quote to use

Site design check list…

  • Update homepage photos… scrolling banner, about section, circle links, about scouting circles
  • Confirm colour scheme
  • Confirm header image

Site design conforms with new branding guidelines:
Photo guidelines… “Inspiring photography is at the heart of our brand. Our photography should show fun, friendship and adventure but above all, convey belonging. The emphasis should be on capturing moments of connection, learning, sharing, achievement and friendship. They should focus on the emotional response to activities rather than simply showing the activities themselves.”

To help with design decisions I’ve created some sample images below to show possible colour schemes and logos. Having a logo may be good for our group identity, building stronger bonds between sections and across leader and exec community.

Additional ideas added to above image, and developed colour schemes of best options below…

The far right arrow is intended to look like it’s coming over a hill, showing adventure and progress (growth/skills for life, etc…)